Missing Pieces

Rachel, at Sing Like No One’s Listening  has inspired me to read. She is an avid reader . I work in a library and hadn’t read a book in ages. So after reading her list of books she has read I got motivated. I just finished  a book about L. M. Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables. It was a fast read and it turns out that I had picked up a used book about her  from our Book Nook and have started reading it too. I am on a roll…  I purchased  this children’s book a few days ago for fifty cents. Before I discovered it I had  been thinking about quilts . So, I decided to make a  photo puzzle quilt. (kind of that is) This book is about a character, that is looking to locate a  portion of his round little being that  he is missing which has made him  unhappy . Just when he thinks he has the part he needs he finds that it does not fit… Much exasperation is this round beings mental state of mind. In the end it makes a discovery that changes his mind about having that missing piece. It reminds me of how often in life we think we need certain things only to find that they  really don’t  offer the happiness we wantor the peace we are looking for. When I am in a frenzy it is a signal for me to look within and do some soul searching. Once I do that life will take on a different perspective and I start feeling better and free from what was nagging at me..