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DSCN9010Charming Brownsville

DSCN9006I am a looky lu

I am making some progress here, so that I can continue to post pictures. One at a time. This morning we visited this small town to purchase some more honey.  While my husband bought honey, I roamed the streets to see what I could find. I may have told you before, that the movie, Stand By Me was  filmed here. We met one of the owners of the truck used in the movie. This little place has some history to it.

DSCN9040I love the shape of the leaves on this Fig tree


Liking Brownsville

Yesterday we ventured out to the community of Brownsville, Or. I have posted on it once before, but now we are getting a bit more acquainted with it. I am liking it more each time we visit as it just has that special old-timey  feel to it. There was a plant sale going on and they will begin their Farmer’s Market this month. Brownsville got some popularity from the movie Stand By Me, because it was filmed there.Besides the plant sale there was a community event called Carriage Me Back to 1900. From what I heard it was a joint effort of community individuals dressed in period clothing and carriage rides were offered to the public. We did not know that it was taking place until we got to Brownsville and saw people dressed up. I was able to capture some of it.I love observing a community that pulls together to provide wholesome activities for families and all people in general. The following are photos that I took while we were on our way out-of-town. I was in the passenger seat and so it was impromptu, but I was thrilled to be able to take in what I did with my camera.

2014-05-03 0016

The timing was perfect for me as we drove by and this dancer came out in character to do her part for her audience, as they rode by in the carriage. Rough photography but I think captured the essence of the moment.

2014-05-03 0015