Hiking, Beer and Flipflops


Today there were a few casualties up around the waterfall. My husband volunteered to man the kiosk so that picnickers could purchase their day permits. I cannot bear to listen to all of the gory details. I do know that after having lived here for just over a year, I feel as though there are far too many incidents. Big Falls attracts many hikers, families and others to get out in nature and see what is up and around the bend of the path. We have been there several times ourselves and the last time I was there I had no desire to go any further than the metal railing meant for people like me.. At the time it looked pretty treacherous.


According to what my husband heard  the injuries were serious. It was told to him that glass beer bottles were observed lying around and that there had been a serious cut due to falling on broken glass.

I know we can’t live in a protective bubble, but when I hear of injuries and all the many that have lost their lives in Yosemite, I can’t bite my tongue on this matter and I admonish summer thrill seekers to take heed to warnings, wear proper attire, no flip-flops…and if going on a lengthy hike make sure you have plenty of water and that family members are informed as to where you are.. and please no glass bottles.. what you pack in you pack out..