I Am Styling Now


Dear readers and new followers, I want to thank each one of you, for connecting with me here at Words Like Honey.  You have encouraged me with your visits, likes and comments. I hope that your day has brought you joy and that the New Year will bring all of us increased creativity and growth. and whatever else you aspire in life.  May peace be with you, each step of the way… Sincerely, mother hen


And your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, this the way, walk you in it, when you turn to the right hand, and when you go turn to the left… Isaiah 30:21


Simple Gifts

On Christmas Day, it will be two years, that we have lived in the state of Oregon. We left California on the 23rd and spent a night in a KOA cabin on Christmas Eve with four cats, that I am sure, were wondering, what in the world we were doing. The next morning on Christmas, we put them in their crates and off we went in our two vehicles. We stopped at one of the few restaurants that were open and I had turkey with all of the trimmings. Since that time I have enjoyed the charm of the older small towns. You may know that about me, by now. Anyway, Silverton, is not too terribly far from us. The drive is just about an hour away. The rain came, but not enough to deter us from getting out. This is a little bit of what we saw that day.


My focus this year has been to simplify. At this very special time of the year, I appreciate the sights and smells of the season. The aroma of pine trees, and delectable goodies, that, I am not saying No.. to, just yet.

I found out that 100 greeting cards were placed out in our community. I am totally absorbing the creativity and inspiration from the local artists.


I hope you are able to take time to listen to Allison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma..Enjoy!


Small Town Christmas Flavor

At the time of our arrival in Sweet Home, I had noticed a few of these. I will call them, oversized greeting cards. I thought they were sweet, but I was not aware, that there were many, more, throughout the community. A few days ago, I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce. They are selling handmade items, and I was given a bit more information about them. I think I overheard that there are over ninety of these painted cards/signs. No matter the amount, they are all impressive, but, I will have to get my information correct. Last night we drove around and of course I took pictures of them. They are all painted by local artists. My interest in art has increased, since I have come to know some of the ladies, from our local senior center painting group.  I will begin to share, some, of what I am seeing. This adventure began a few days ago.. in the rain..









Against the Grain

We found ourselves trekking through the snow a few days ago. There is something about snowfall that compels me to go outdoors. I guess it could be because I was deprived of it, in my youth.

DSCN3744This morning I overheard a conversation on television. They were talking about how children are not permitted to say Merry Christmas in school. I don’t know whether this is written in cement or not. Growing up in the fifties it was ok… to say Merry Christmas! I will stay with this and not conform to our world’s standards. Yes, I respect other faith’s and beliefs. America has always been a melting pot of different cultures. People have had the freedom of speech and can pretty much fling around all kinds of filthy words without a problem. I will stand my ground and not that I want to offend anyone. That is not the point. It is about my faith, my belief that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. I love all of the Christmas songs that I learned in school as a child. It was not a big deal. Now everyone takes offense. There is beauty in this season. I will continue to abide by what I have learned and come to know.. Besides the man upstairs has gotten me out of many a pickle..