Comfort Zone/Comfort Clothes

I have started painting again after a very long break from it.We still have a few rooms to paint and today I am working on a bathroom. I am wearing one of my favorite denim shirts that needs to be put to rest as it is quite tattered and not looking very good. I have no problem wearing it around the house but I think it’s time to let it go. These denim shorts are something I have not let go of and they are not cutoffs of comfort..because they don’t fit. Over the past years I have kept them to use them as a gauge. I definitely have comfort clothes. In years past it would have been a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. I love cotton and I don’t like anything clingy. I know about comfort food very well and it is called Chocolate. Some of my comfort zones are pretty well ingrained but I have been thinking a lot about change lately and that it is time to let go of certain things. Some are things that can be replaced easily and some will bring freedom in many ways. I have learned that you can teach an old dog new tricks.. It may take a lot of patience but it is possible.

I was fascinated with the patterns in these leaves. It’s  so cool to see that they are all different. Just like you and me. Some of us pattern our lives after  some one who has been influential in our life  and  some of us live out of the box and ya never know what we are going to be up to next.. For me it will be getting out of a comfort zone or two..