Savor the Moment

For a few days we had the presence of guests from California. My husband’s delightful daughter, Lesley¬† and her hubby Travis. I tried to not have my camera in their faces to often, but one cannot help it, when you are just so fun to photograph.My posts will most likely revolve around our visit with them. It was short but very sweet. We ate well, hiked a bit, ate well again and then toured an old historical house in Salem, Or. More photos to come.

IMG_2861We took them to Silver Falls State Park and we enjoyed every step of the way. I am still processing the past few days. I tend to savor the moments and let it all slowly sink in. I guess because I am non working, I can do that. A soon to be New Year is staring us in the face and I am pondering on that as well. Thank you to all that have responded with Christmas wishes.. My hope is to start 2015 with new inspiration and new enthusiasm.