What Moves Me 2

Today I am thinking about how I miss  Cat’s posts over at A Year of Kindness. Now I can’t claim to complete what she did by committing to Random Acts of Kindness each day for a year, but  I have decided to continue with the theme throughout the year with What Moves Me. I have never wanted my blogs to be focused on me..  but about what I see in life, in people. Their ups and downs, in’s and out’s in life. Never to exploit, only  to make me think..To become  more thoughtful. When I leave planet earth  it will not be about how much money I left in the bank or what possessions I gained. As I get older, it seems that my heart has been sprinkled with meat heart tenderizer. It feels soft and kind of mushy at times. So with that said welcome to What Moves Me.

My concerns and my understanding is that I can’t feed the whole  world or I  can’t save every animal, but I can have a caring attitude and do my part.. Not to brag or boast but to contribute  to what pulls at my Heartstrings..