country living

In Our Neck of the Woods

Just minutes ago I spoke to some college students that were on a field trip taking photos of our community. The two young ladies that I spoke to said that part of their objective was to focus on why people would live in the country versus the city. I shared a bit on what our lifestyle was previously like. There are a lot of cabins like this in Forest Falls. I like that each of them has their own style and look.

Some look like they have not been lived in for years or are seldom lived in.

Mexican Dove

Lovely Lupine

This afternoon I am closing with this image. A few years ago I came across a tree stump that had Hope written on it and today I superimposed the images. I have a few friends that are going through some tough challenges. My thoughts are with you today…

And you shall be safe because there is HOPE; after looking round, you will take rest in safety…Job 11:18