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The Daily Post Challenge: Fleeting

In November we visited New Mexico. We rode the Amtrak and as we traveled I snapped to my hearts content. There just seemed to be something different about the color in the sky. I happened to be in the parking lot behind the B&B that we were stayed at. For other Fleeting moments check out the Daily Post.

a moment in time

comes our way


only to be seen

at that moment..

never to return

only to visit a different admirer..

daily post

Daily Prompt: Landscape

Today I am joining in on the daily post here at WordPress. The prompt is Landscape. When you gaze out your window—real or figurative–do you see the forest first, or the trees?

Having moved to the mountains just over a year ago, when I wake up I see the trees.IMG_3356-001We are surrounded by massively tall Cedar and Pine trees.

IMG_3359We have one that is about five foot in diameter that stands next to our bathroom window.

Figuratively as I look at the massive, old trees that still stand despite battle scars of storms, lightening and floods, they represent to me people. I see adults and the seedlings are the children. They remind me of human growth. It takes time to grow. It takes time to develop and overcome adversity and challenges that we face in life. The trees will bend when the winds come and some may snap under the pressure but many are capable of persevering through it all. As we have seen over the years of history how people have overcome obstacles and lived to tell their story and as the branches reach out to shelter other plant life and animals so can we reach out to encourage, protect and share the hope for a better tomorrow. We can learn a lot from nature.