It is already Wednesday and we are flying through the month of January. I have a few stacks of mail and an assortment of paper items that need to be sorted through and some shredded. Ho hum! Throughout the years I have kept a journal. My intentions were to jot down my thoughts and there were a few years that they held some poems. Last year was very dry as far as poetry goes and my sad journal was quite empty with only notes of things I wanted to remember. It was pretty much a mess and so with new journal in hand I am looking for inspiration to come my way.  I have realized that I don’t have an organized system for keeping track of birthday’s…especially for my grandchildren. Sooo, I have an idea.. It will consist of a collage with photos of grandchildren and birth dates and it will be posted a wall nearest our computer. I think it’s time to attack the stack.. and get it resolved before the end of the month..