Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Every other Saturday I work an eight-hour  day. It is only two days a month but I am finding out that it takes me a whole day to recuperate, as I am very weary by the time I get home. My hours during the week are three – days and one five. My outlet for tiredness lately has been to view my photos and let the creativity flow. It takes me away from the weariness of body and helps to promote a sound mind too. It didn’t work last night as much as I was inspired…I was just too tired. I am up early with the birdies this morning. They are chirping and are greeting their new day in the style that they are accustomed to. For me I am thinking about the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” There is not a rainbow for me to view but I ponder on the fact that where I live is my Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We are not world travelers and do not have the financial means to…but I am free to travel anytime of the day or night. Dreams and imagination…what freedom to fly…over that rainbow…to take you to places that you think you can not go to.. Right now it’s in my own backyard, front yard and often right in front of my computer. Just letting creativity flow, taking in inspiration from other artists and photographers….such as you.

What’s so special is that I can take you along with me. You may not always like where I go…Lol! but it won’t cost you a dime. I have been experimenting with different processing techniques as I have a dream of a line of greeting cards in mind. That is one of my dreams. Where is you Somewhere Over the Rainbow today?

                                So today I travel and see sights, hear sounds, let the dreams flow… Where ever your travels take you, may it take you to places of beauty, peace and contentment…