Mosaic Monday

     F ~ is for Fabric  After having had breakfast in a charming coffee shop in Arlington, Washington, I wandered around for short time taking pictures. I discovered this wonderful fabric store. I was like a kid in a candy store… I am not  one to quilt but I love and appreciate them and admire those that do. I have made a few patchwork blankets and about this time of the year as it cools down I drum up enthusiasm to tackle things I have  put on the back burner like quilting, baking and learning how to do something new. I usually limp out of summer and with the coolness  I feel revived and ready to go.Today I am linking with Mary for    Mosaic Monday

From years back quilts have always been made to tell a story of some kind. I view them as a life story just a our photographs say something about us…. all of our likes and differences. We all add color in our own way.