She Has Flare

Welcome November! I have noticed that some of our plants are really liking the cooler weather. The Cyclamen are revealing their beauty! As flowers begin to bloom they always remind me of dancers, sometimes ballerinas or sometimes modern dancers. When I was a teenager I learned about a dancer named Bella Lewitzky. She was a choreographer. Back in her time the modern dancers often wore some rather strange outfits. It had to do with the look of lines and reflect the fluidity of how they moved. If you go here Bella  there will be a photo of her and it will give you an idea of what I am talking about, along with some history about her. I didn’t realize that she had lived in our location. Her dress doesn’t totally depict the strangeness of attire that I am trying to convey, but it will work for now. It’s cool to observe flowers before they make their first reveal. You never know what they are going to wear. My mother used to wear pretty frilly dresses and Iris’s always remind me of her..