flash flood

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Hi folks..after an afternoon of flash-flooding yesterday, it is raining hard once again and the thunder is roaring. Sounds like the heavens are angry.

DSCN9665There are two homes off to the right hand side

DSCN9671In 2010 there was work done to try to channel the water to go in a certain direction. It worked for a while

DSCN9688DSCN9750DSCN9723Me and my shadow

flash flood

Flash Flood…

This is my first experience with a flash flood… in this¬† area. It started with me hearing a roar or sound as though a large vehicle was parked outside. The last time I heard it a few days ago I was clueless but not this time.. I must admit it shook me to the core but I ran across the street to capture the photos and video taped as well. My concern is for neighbors and I would hope that there were no hikers today… Just as I write¬† tractors have gone by and just heard a siren whiz by..