free write friday

Free Write Friday

a prayer, just doesn’t float in the air

it is received with open ears and tender care

pray without ceasing, as hard times are increasing

we need strength and wisdom

to not be deceived..

come under the shadow of safety

and where your concerns will be relieved

put your trust in the Almighty

and with your whole heart, Believe..

free write friday

There is Good

I wrote the following after reading some content on my phone, in regards to animal abuse. From that my mind wondered to other kinds of abuse in our world. But prior to all of that, the word good was stuck in my mind. Then my daily reading for today mentioned the word goodness, saying to always look for goodness and mercy.. Here is what followed.

look and you will find, that there is good, there is good all of the time-there are good people who live every day, who do good-and if you watch, and hear what they say- and see how they give and not take away- but willing to help those in need-not swollen with pride, or tempted with greed-not rebellious at heart, but live life to care-so never think that goodness is never there-for the truth is that good exists, and is around- but is often not noticed and is very quiet in sound…

free write friday


that cold sharp tone

makes my bones shiver

i know now

that a heart is changed

when one recognizes

that self

does not have

all of the answers

in humility











we be


from the


 of sin..

God help us


We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall, and our sins sweep us away like the wind..

Isaiah 64:6


free write friday

#FWF Free Write Friday:Image Prompt

Image Credit: We Heart It

To Live Again

The floor creaked as Emma Jean rocked back and forth, nervously twisting her handkerchief. The ticktock of the clock seemed to be louder than she had ever heard it. Time was dragging and as she sat and waited she began to doubt that her visitor would show up. She got up to check the fire and noticed that her stack of wood was dwindling. With a break in the weather, she would have to chop wood the next day. The flames from the fire danced along on the sides of the bricks and it brought back memories of when she was a young girl and loved to dance. It was common to dance as a child. Her pa was an expert when it came to fiddle playing. He had long been deceased and it had been many years since she heard the music that brought joy to her heart. Emma had prepared a simple meal for Johnny, in hopes that he would stay long enough to eat what had at one time been his favorite meal. She had not forgotten the day he had walked out of her life. He was only seventeen. For years she withheld the truth from him of her giving a baby-girl up for adoption. At fifteen, Emma Jean knew she was not prepared for motherhood. When her pa found out he took a switch to her. She flinched for a moment as though being beaten for just a minute. Those were dark days and she tried to push them aside.Johnny had grown up thinking that he was an only child. He had always been tender-hearted and was always watching out for any animal or person that had a need.Johnny was twenty-seven now.She had heard very little from him in ten years. The day he left Emma Jean shutdown emotionally. She could not bear the reality of losing yet another child. Working at Mockingbird Diner gave her enough to get by on. Her worn black leather Bible had become her companion in life.” Though I walk in the shadow of death I will fear no evil.” She read the Twenty-third Psalm over and over again. It brought her comfort in the night when she dreamed of seeing her son one day. She read that God heard the prayers of the people, but she wondered at times if he listened to hers, or if he would answer them. All of a sudden the revving of a vehicle coming up the road startled her and she jumped to her feet. She looked out the window and there was dust flying and she felt weak in her knees. She ran to the nearest mirror, pinched her cheeks and straightened her blouse and skirt. She winced at her reflection of a thin tired looking woman,but her heart immediately leaped as she felt the warmth of her blood surge, as though coming to life, once again.

Free Write Friday is a weekly creative writing exercise hosted by Kellie Elmore. I appreciate that this is open to the inexperienced writer as myself. To read up on how to participate just click on the link, and thank you for reading.

free write friday

Gratitude : A Father’s Love

I am a little late for Free Write Friday. And now after I have mulled it over in my mind, my  heart can reveal its contents. Even now as I write my heart swells..and brings me to tears the importance of being grateful. As I turn back the pages of my life’s chapters, there are some missing pages. Those are memories that caused sadness…the earthly father that I did not get to know…He would never know of the huge void I had in my heart, because I didn’t have a daddy’s lap to sit on, I would never hear him say” I love you. ” Alcohol played a big part in his life..I didn’t experience a father’s love. When I was a child my mother permitted some people to pick my sister and I up and take us to church. The details are all very vague and I only remember that it was a small building and white. It had brown wooden pews and I do remember that they used flannel boards. Over the years I had other experiences being in church, but never with my parents. I don’t believe that gratitude comes naturally. I think we are born with expectations and wants and grow up thinking that we deserve or are entitled to have. Life’s struggles are what shape us. Being resentful and holding a grudge is only damaging to our well being. Life’s challenges are meant to build character. Some use excuses for their struggles and end up being bitter and maybe develop a chip on their shoulders. As I got older I didn’t know what unconditional love was. It was not until I encountered the love of God and as I allowed Him to minister to my wounded soul I was on my way to understanding unconditional love. It has taken many years to grasp all of this. Layers of guilt, shame, unforgiveness, and so much more eventually began to peel off. Layer by layer. Learning to forgive myself, learning to love and forgive others. It all came with a price. Each day represents new beginnings, new encounters, learning, growth and now gratitude is so very vital and so very natural to begin each day with “Thank You”…. Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken..

free write friday

#FWF Free Write Friday: The circle of Life


the ebb and flow

of life

it comes and goes

seasons change

from infancy

and for some old age

innocence and trusting

life is not everlasting

experience, choices


time moves swiftly

the body slows


and beauty

some live

but are shackled


not free


life’s traps

that keep them bound

as they slowly die…inside

facing older age

and recognizing

that time

may be short

but I rejoice in each day

gratitude swells

and goes beyond

what comes my way

not without pain..or sorrow

tears come

but laughter and joy will follow

in the circle of life…


Joining Kellie Elmore and others for Free Write Friday..

free write friday

# FWF Free Write Friday: Special Edition# Team Khole

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a very special request from Kellie Elmore. To get all of the important details, please visit her  blog. Kellie is the host to this weekly meme that has recently spurned me to participate. A precious baby boy is needing our good thoughts and prayers. Today we have the option of using two different prompts. You will see what I have chosen, by reading the words below.

Dearest baby Khole

Jesus loves you

This I know

For my Bible tells me so

On angels wings

Do I send my prayers

Entrusting God, for your care..

Many hearts are all in one accord

Extending our thoughts through love of words

Believing for you to be strong and sound

What looks like a mountain today is only really a mound..

For it’s Faith that moves mountains

And there’s belief in my heart

That you are getting better

Despite a rough start…