A Note To You


I came across this little vintage Remington about a week or two ago and knew that I would use it in some way. My blogging has been sporadic in the past months. In October I got hired for a temporary position in a library. It was part-time, but the days I worked, I gave it my all. When I didn’t work, I was not energetic and I think I was experiencing the effects of a lack of Vitamin D, and (lots of rain). Well, my job is no more and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. I will also mention, that it was an answer to a prayer I had written down on a slip of paper in 2015. God gets the glory and praise… As of today I am preparing for a trip to California. So for a bit longer, my blogging will still be sporadic. But I want you to know that, you my blogger friends, are thought of often, and in my heart there is no distance…


Heart Tugger


you tugged at my heart- from the very start

observing your sweet disposition

most of the time…

little friend i leave for awhile

but not for long…

you are in my heart

and not far away…

so in that safe place

you will, forever stay…

r gould


Down Memory Lane

DSCN7014-001Life began for me here in this city of Palm Springs, California in the early fifties. Over to the left of this photo where it says the Plaza Theater, is where I got one of my first jobs as a cashier. It brings back many memories of really hot days in this desert town. It was more like a quiet pueblo back then. There was no hustle and bustle during the heat of the day. My mother worked in a store right around the corner from the theater, where I would often go to spend time with her. Today, as I go down memory lane it brings me to look back at my experience here at WordPress. My first days were shaky and I was insecure as I began to share with my limited skills in writing and photography. A few years have passed now and at times I have questioned what my purpose was here and felt a bit inferior. Whenever that notion set in, it has usually resulted in giving up,or giving in to a defeatist attitude. Today, as I ponder, I look at all of the many wonderful people and animals, that I have gotten to know through each blog. They have brought smiles and inspiration my way.  To you newer acquaintances I say “WELCOME” and to those of you that I am getting to know, I say”THANK YOU.” I am still learning and growing and now trying to find my way in the world of writing. I am simple in thought and in a world of plastic or paper, honesty and transparency are qualities I hope to always possess. Thank you friends for allowing me to be a part of your blogging experience.



Friends in Special Places

I am still catching up on my time away from the computer for five days. I was delighted to discover this award given to me from the blogger at artandkitchen. Please stop by for a visit to view beautiful photos of delectable edibles and more. Thank you!!

In my experience of blogging there was a time when I didn’t know how to copy and paste. I remember that time of frustration. I was determined to figure it out. I have grown on this journey and have come to know many wonderful individuals that have inspired me in so many ways. I cannot single out anyone as you have all added color to my unfinished quilt(life). So a shout out to all of you and Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will, as it requires list 7 random things about myself…..

1. We moved to the mountains eight months ago.

2. I collect postcards.

3. I love the sound of a cello and violin.

4. I like to change the look of my blog often.

5. I retired from working in a library, after five years, three months ago.

6. I look for opportunities to encourage people.

7. I love working with my photos as in processing and still hope to have a line of cards to sell. Another learning experience. (:


Getting to Know You

A few days ago I received information about an Elder that I will be assisting through a non-profit organization. Doing this means that I invest time in her life and get to know her, what she likes, as in food, needs, favorite colors etc. While thinking about her this morning it made me think about this image of different colors of thread. In order to sew anything it takes thread to do the job. I compare our lives to the thread. Each of us has a role to live out while we are here on earth. Each of us is needed to complete the job, to help finish the quilt. In order to do that it means that we need to get to know each other. If you want to get to know someone you spend time with them and ask questions. When I sponsored a child from an Indian reservation I typed up a childlike questionnaire. It was very simple and all she had to do was fill it in and mail it back to me. I feel strongly that monetary worth is of little value if there is not heart behind it and if it is not used for meaningful solutions, it contributes little. I am to be about my Father’s business. So to you my community of friends that I have gotten to know and getting to know I call it a Blessing…Each of you inspires me in a different way. Thank you!


You Have Added Beauty

Life is forever changing. Many things we  don’t have control over. After having gotten to know some special ladies on the job, they have retired and as happy as I am for them, it just won’t be the same without their presence.  I have been musing over this and thinking about what they added to my life. It is the beauty of friendship. I have formed new friendships not only on the job,but on social networks and for those here on wordpress. So in acknowledgement of The Beauty of Friendship I share what I see in you from the premises of our yard. Thank you for taking time to engage in friendship…Thank you for the beauty of color you have added to my life…