gustave baumann

Meet Gustave

DSCN2628Last year when I was in a book store in Santa Fe, New Mexico this book of postcards caught my eye. I had never heard of Gustave Baumann before and as I scanned it, I knew that I wanted  to purchase it. I was drawn to his style of work, just as I am to Georgia O’Keeffe. Why I did not get one of her books of postcards I do not know. Anyway to see his work you can click on this link. To learn a little about him you can go to the above link. I have had an interest in drawing and painting and have not done anything with this interest, but it keeps nagging at me. With some of my photography I like to process my photos as it makes me feel as though I have a paint brush in hand. I like to experiment.


This was taken while we were putting around in our jeep the other day. I depend on my camera to catch what I might miss. I end up deleting a lot of them but some I keep so I can add my touch to them. I have paints and recently purchased oil pastels. I have dabbled in drawing just a bit but don’t know where to start. I know there are many artists on WordPress and I’d appreciate some suggestions as to how to get started..

vintagekeeper8-012.jpgThis is an example of what I like to do and I can see myself using pastels or something to get this look.

More photo manipulation. These are Rosaries hanging from a tree… I do hope you enjoy the info on this gentleman. It makes me want to find out more about him.