A Horse Is A Horse

This photo is what I call a drive by. My husband drives and I take pictures as we fly by. Maybe I should call it fly by.. I look forward to someday taking photos of horses when I am not in the car. They are magnificent animals. I care very much about them. In a particular neighborhood I had noticed a rather thin looking horse, that didn’t appear to be cared for. I felt sorry for it and it looked lonely. I am happy to say that it now has a friend to hangout with. They are probably not neglected but as I get older my heart seems to get mushier and more sensitive. Just like I care about wild horses being rounded up to slaughter and used for horse meat. I don’t write this because I have all of the details and I am going by what I occasionally hear about.


Horses have been depended upon for transportation as well as pack mules for years and years.  The other day I was wondering about the mules used at the Grand Canyon and how many trips they have to make in their day, and then I was concerned about the weight limit and hoped they don’t wear themselves out carrying heavy people.. I have no experience with horses but do recall day dreaming about galloping through a field of sunflowers, just kidding. Well, not necessarily with sunflowers but just experiencing being on one. I wrote a poem called I Wanna Be a Cowgirl a few years ago. My girlish heart still sometimes thinks that..but even if it is not meant to be, I will always carry high regard for these incredible animals.