Saturday Humor


there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

i’ve been clearing the clutter away

it’s been such a painful experience

because the clutter wants to stay..

but this disease has got to go

it has been with me far too long

so it is time for clutter bug and i

to find something new to do

i already feel the freedom

and seeing a little light

as i say goodbye to clutter bug

because i want clutter out of my sight..

r gould




Sentimental Journey

We have lived at the same location for nine years. Doors have opened for us to relocate and we should be moving by the end of this month. We are not going far but our years of collecting seems a bit ominous right now. I am afraid that my image of that soothing succulent did not help me get over the overwhelming task of packing…I am exaggerating just a little. I am one that keeps her letters and I have saved some paperwork that belonged to my children from elementary school. Do I continue this journey with sentimental artifacts from years gone by. Our home is not large so we couldn’t possibly have that much. At the present moment I feel like a hoarder… Cleaning up always entails making a mess and that is where I am at..No need for pictures as it just looks pretty bad and out of control. Boxes are stacking up and we are making some headway.  Do we shuffle off to buffalo with our loads of memorabilia or leave some of it behind in the dumpster. My husband is telling me it’s be a hoarder and we can deal with it later..Lol! There may even be meetings that I can go get well. Or maybe I will just take the first train out of here and not deal with it at all…