And Best Dressed Goes To


Iris for her choice of stunning Spring attire…

As I drove down the main boulevard in the city of Yucaipa, where we used to live, this beauty caught my eye.

I did some quick thinking and decided I needed to stop and take some photos of these Iris’s. Yucaipa is about twelve miles away from us and at the elevation of 2,600 feet it is already flaunting the bright colors of spring. We are at a 5,700 foot elevation so we are having to wait until it warms up.


Shake off the doldrums and enjoy…and by the way, I think she deserves a standing ovation..


Playing Dress Up

I once again ate my lunch outside today to get some fresh air and take more photos of the Iris’s. I am in awe of the vibrant colors that I have been observing in the past few weeks.

This lovely one made me think of Orange Sherbet..I have been thinking ice cream all week..

Dressed Up and Ready to Go..

I was very happy to see that there were not Aphids  on this one…

This ladybug has been doing her job..

Natures Natural Beauties…


From This to This

During my lunch break today I took the opportunity to take pictures of Iris’s that were planted in front of our City Hall several years ago. They are also growing near  the bus station. I did not make it home yesterday evening. I have a backup plan now, and that means taking extra clothing with me for unpredictable weather days…and actually getting to stay with my daughter is a bonus because we get a little quality time together. I don’t know what color these are…but they are stunning.

Wow, wow, wow!

As I write I am thinking about all of the very many kinds of flowers there are and all of the color that our eyes get the benefit of looking at.Simply amazing!!! 

I went from this to this…

To this..

And this…

But I also came home to a dinner of stew and cornbread and a hot fire in the fireplace and cats curled up cozy like, they do so very well…