Hungry Kittens

pdpa Digital Dust Texture Set32-002hungry kittens

to feed or not

to fend for yourself

is your lot, in life

as you seek on your own

to feed your tummy

do you feel alone?

does it help to know

that there are humans near

that feel your concern

and your fears

if for a short time

we will make it our quest

to provide a meal

and do our best

hopefully it will help

to carry you through

the days of uncertainty

when we are away

hungry kittens

I will think of you..


The Human Heart


We have new kitten neighbors. The mother is a feral cat and this is one of her kittens. I talked to this one over the fence because I wanted it to experience hearing a kind human voice. It sat long enough for me to get my camera. It sat and stared..My heart wants to feed all of them and yet I don’t want to become attached.¬† We recently have¬† had one of ours disappear after she got spooked and now her whereabouts are unknown. We still have three. It is survival of the fittest here in the mountains and I struggle with the thought of doing nothing.