We(the mouse in my pocket) and, I mean my husband and I were motivated one morning to get out of our comfort zone. At our age we tend to gravitate towards that which is comfortable  and that can lead to being lazy in our case and not getting enough physical exercise. We packed a couple of sandwiches and some tea and headed to Forest Falls which has become a favorite place for us to enjoy the outdoors. I wanted to go up a trail but  my hubby was not agreeable at first and then he changed his mind. So off we and sandwiches in hand.

It was a cool morning and to our advantage. I count my blessings as I am healthy except for my bmi which is considered unhealthy and yes, I need to work on that.

My heart began to start pounding as the trail began to get steep

Our bodies are amazingly equipped to accomplish and do incredible things

By the time we arrived at this spectacular sight I was totally out of breath. I welcomed the opportunity to stop and gaze and rest for a moment

From where we were there was not a safe way to get close to this. We would have had to come from another direction.

It certainly was worth the effort we made to get here. We actually were able to keeping going.

This morning I have been thinking about motivation. Why it wanes as it does and why sometimes when the light bulb turns on we don’t want to stop. I think the important thing is that we don’t stop trying and never get to the mindset that we can’t do or are not capable of achieving our goals or dreams in life.