This container that looks kind of small here will be delivered to us on Friday.My(our) everything is in it…We stuffed it to the brim and will have to unload it in two days.I really look forward to not having to sit on the floor to use our computer. Gas was plumbed in today for stove and it should get here next week. My stomach tells me it’s time for regular home cooked meals and vegetables.


Back Online…

Hello friends….I have missed you!!! We  have been in our home for a week now. I do believe it will be quite a while before we are settled. There is much to do along with painting and some repairs and a lot of things to figure out now that we live at the elevation of 5,700. It was my first time driving home from work last Saturday. This is what it looked like.

I got off at 5:00 and had heard that it was supposed to snow. I ended up pulling off the side of the road along with a few other people. There were men that were ready to assist with putting chains on for $150.00, plus the price of chains for $40.00. I opted for calling my husband. It was quite an experience for a greenhorn like myself.

I have many stories to share about our events in moving. At times it brought out the very worst in us because we were tired and still are.

Room with a view

I love the trees

Our view from our front door

Here’s the kitten we rescued. We are calling her Riley.

Riley has adjusted to living with three other cats. She runs around like a little wind up toy when she is not sleeping. Despite the challenges we have faced we are grateful to have been able to purchase a home. Ten years ago we actually were in a tent for about four months. It is amazing now to look back and see where we have been and to now  be living out our  dream of being  homeowners. My husband tells me this is it…What I have learned during this ordeal is that I am actually one tough little cookie. I have moved and carried things that I didn’t think I was capable of doing and helped do my share of shoveling snow. I will get to live out my version of Little House in the Prairie in the mountains. Wood stove and all…Great to be back!


A Rocky Road Tale

Just an update for you, my friends..It’s been a rocky road and there for a while I really was not sure whether we would be moving into a house or having to buy a trailer and become temporary RVers… We do have a tent but I think our three cats would have been out of their comfort zone…

I had been  holding on and trying to not let doubt creep in… I admit that my faith must have looked smaller than a mustard seed…

For a moment  it was looking like the door we wanted to open for us was closed. But we tried to remain patient even when what loomed in front of us looked like a mountain…

We were tested but we persevered and what we hoped for…

Came true…. I will be offline for a while. I am excited and thankful for all that has transpired. Tomorrow will be a busy day of moving. We will soon be living among Pine and Juniper trees and I look forward to this change… Please take time to listen to the music from a favorite cd.. and enjoy… Later….