new year

Happy New Year!

As I looked at this photo, my immediate thought was “Boundaries.”

more love and respect, is what we need, kinder and giving is good indeed, setting boundaries to protect human life and those in the wild. God help me this New Year to see with new eyes, to be a better human as the days of my life fly by. grant me wisdom in all that i do and to make a difference, aligned with your point of view..r gould

new year

January 2017


We woke up this morning to a slight covering of snow. It is always a thrill for me to watch snow-falling.  I recently saw a picture of a frozen bubbles,so I prepared myself for the moment of hoping to capture a frozen bubble. It didn’t happen, but for that moment, I was like a kid, with snowflakes in my hair, blowing bubbles and trying to take pictures. The older I get, my gratitude for each day and each year increases. The simple things that I have taken for granted, have become so much more meaningful. I am often in awe of the grandeur of nature, in the kind face of a human, in the gentle tone of a caring individual, the miracle of an infant, and sweet endearing look from a furry friend. Unconditional love…  May we enter the New Year with Hope planted in our hearts and continued prayer for a better tomorrow.

May God In His Wisdom

And Infinite Love,

Look Down on You Always

From Heaven Above

May He Send You Good Fortune,

Contentment & Peace

And May All Your Blessings

Forever Increase…

The author of this maybe Susan Branch




new year

Pieces of My Life..

I don’t know if being left-handed has to do with how my brain works or not. I know my brain does not work well with numbers. I still have not been able to conquer how to do my time sheet online for my job. It perplexes me… If this photo is any indication of how my brain is working these days I think it represents the joy and discovery of a baby boomer bloomer… Life is a combination of mystery, challenges, fear, joy, sorrow, success, failure, change, consequences, inspiration, wonderment, discovery etc.. In anticipation of the New Year I see the pieces of my life coming together. It’s been a hard year for us but the light is getting brighter and I feel a sense of excitement and believe that  good great things are to come to all us that seek to make positive changes in our lives and not only for ourselves but for others that need someone to lean on. For me it means doing away with in the box thinking. In other words setting my sights a little higher and letting  them take flight  this year of 2012. Thank you once again to all that inspire and have allowed it to rub off…