Moody Winter Blues


On our way home from Florence, we got to behold this beauty for a short span of time. I learned that, when the wind is blowing, to hold on to the door handle  of your car. It felt like it could have snapped off. The colors were so amazing. My husband and I took turns taking pictures. He had one camera and I had another. I don’t think I had one of them on the proper setting. Bummer! I get excited by what I see,  and don’t stop to think ok, slow down and reset.



The earth was designed with us in mind.


Along with this comes responsibility.. to protect and respect..


Fisherman’s Blues

Having spent a few days near the ocean, it gave me opportunity to take in the beauty of the beach. I spent a little time collecting sand-dollars and it became a game for me, running to retrieve and then running back to not get drenched. I felt as though a child, free and spontaneous. We spotted a bird that was injured and had a broken leg. My husband tried to pick him up to move him away from the waves so that he would not drown. He (the bird) pecked at him and we did not have a solution for him other than that. Life presents problems and there are not always easy solutions or answers for every situation. As we continued our walk we saw a group of turkey vulture’s that had congregated near the injured bird. The land-lover that I am could not imagine myself sailing the seas, but I can appreciate those that do and their love for water.


boy and pelican




Take Me Away

I think it was in the 70’s that Calgon came up with the slogan “Calgon, take me away.” For some reason I was thinking about this as I looked at some of my photos taken in August. We were in Elk , California. I like the color of the water in these. They have a calming effect on me. But the real truth is revealed by the photo below. I had, had about two cups of coffee and my bladder ready to bust when we came across this little beauty. Was I ever thankful!