Free Write Friday

In Other Words and Pictures

paddle glide paddle glide

skim across the water

best friends by my side

what better way

to spend a summer day

than to

paddle glide paddle glide


furry four legged friends

by my side~

                                                                                                  r gould


Free Write Friday


heaven on earth

takes my breath away

a fleeting moment

on this summer day..

heaven on earth

comes and goes

like the seasons

natures picture shows..

heaven on earth

far and near

and in those moments

i hold dear..

                                                                                                  r gould


The Heart of A Poet


Beside my cottage door it grows,

The loveliest, daintiest flower that blows,

A sweet briar rose.

At dewy mourn or twilight’s close,

The rarest perfume from it flows,

This strange wild rose.

But when the rain-drops on it beat,

Ah, then, its odors grow more sweet,

About my feet.

Offtimes with loving tenderness,

Its soft green leaves I gently press,

In sweet caress.

A still more wondrous fragrance flows

The more my fingers close

And crush the rose.

Dear Lord, oh, let my life be so

Its perfume when tempests blow,

The sweeter flow.

And should it be Thy blessed will,

With crushing grief my soul to fill,

Press harder still.

And while its dying fragrance flows

I’ll whisper low, He loves me and knows

His crushed briar rose.

                                            author unknown to me..




up early

before dawn

walking in the shadow of darkness

in calmness and serenity

do i commune

with my higher power

creator of heaven and earth

drinking in peace

and the pleasure of being one

with the Father, Holy Spirit

and the Son

accepted and adored

the apple of His eye

absorbing His presence

before there’s color in the sky..



Dreams in the Desert



dreams in the desert

that’s where they lay

beat down by the sun

each and every day..

left alone to whither

and eventually die

if not brought to life

by the will to survive…

thunderclouds are needed

to form and burst

moisture is needed to quench the thirst

time for dreams to take flight

for dreams to be seen and come back in sight..



My Season

i breathe a sigh of relief

as the thought of a hot summer

will soon fade and be a distant memory

of a favorite season, not..

that causes irritation

and feels like a pesty fly

that will not go away..

but when it does

my heart swells with gratitude

for the reprieve in weather..

and I want to skip like a child

and flutter like an autumn leaf

that has taken flight..

ever so light and free

to embrace the coolness of the air..

                                           r gould


In the Woods

In the Woods

Behind the trees

Critters live

Under the leaves

Not to be seen

By human eyes

But living their lives

As you and I

Oh, so tiny

And quiet too

Busily working

Each day anew

Eating and resting

Under the leaves

In the woods

And behind the trees…

                                             r gould 2012