Psalm 23

Still Water and Green

I feel as though I have not been around for ages. This morning as I laid on our sofa, with slices of cool cucumbers on my eyes, I thought about Psalm 23. I visualized the many views of green grass, trees and water, that we have seen, while living in Oregon.

Cool Water

My time as a teacher’s aide is winding down, and after summer, I will be on a oncall basis. Well, it has only been two months that I have worked, but it feels a lot longer. For those of you familiar with childcare, can relate. I have learned much from two year olds, and I do wonder what I was like at that age. The sweetness of a child asking for a hug pulls at my heart strings, or one that asks for me to hold a hand, tells me, that yes, I have been at the right place, for this time. I apologize for not responding to comments recently. I look forward to getting back on board, on a regular basis. On the days that I work, I am exhausted…You have permission to laugh..Lol! ¬†On days off, I recuperate..


And take in what refreshes my soul..