Missed Opportunity

I work eight hours every other Saturday. This is a fairly recent change in schedule and for me it is a rather long day. Prior I would go in at one and leave at four. I would say I am kind of a whimp when it comes to long hours and “yes,” I am tired. But I must share that when I went outside to do the one o’clock book drop there was a roadrunner hanging out under a tree. I had not seen one for ages and if only I had, had my camera I would have gotten a good shot of it.  Even if I did I could not have stopped to take pictures. I am sure the opportunity will come again. When it comes to photography there are always missed opportunities but new always arise.  For this evening I am posting photos taken in Oregon at Bandon. Apparently there had been an art show and these were displayed by the boardwalk. A co-worker of mine really likes rabbits so I took a few photos to show her.Maybe I’ll count rabbits instead of sheep tonight..