Getting Hammered..

Ok, I was griping a bit about the heat and so the heaven’s opened up big time and now the rain is pouring down and looks like flooding in the street and the crack of thunder has made me jump.. Complaining is not the way to go. I can tell that people are leaving the picnic grounds in a hurry and my concern at the moment is for flooding and just when I think the Thunder is loud, it just let me know that, that was nothing…reporting from Forest Falls, Ca…Lol!


Things Are Looking Up

I am feeling rather giddy this morning.. Rain came our way yesterday. I felt as though I held my breath waiting for summer to make it’s departure.  Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and view the effects of yesterdays steady downpour. So being in that giddy frame mind I am sharing more photos from our trip up north.

These photos were taken in the  colorful city of  Astoria, Oregon.  Old Oregon  We haven’t spent a lot of time there but enough for me to capture some interesting aspects of this place.

I am learning how to take a kind of crummy photo and make it into something fun…This is the space Needle in Seattle.

        The plants and I are so very thankful for the rain…