Over the Top


This morning, as I sat with my cup of coffee and got quiet, my thoughts went here and there as is the practice of my brain. Always thankful for a new day as I  open up my heart to being at peace with what comes my way. These are the kittens that we have started feeding. Their mother is a feral cat. This one looking at you is the leader of the pack. Not as skittish as the others and usually the first to get over the fence to our yard. I almost thought I could touch him this morning. I wondered how he/she would respond to the human touch … As I sat and pondered on the events of life on earth, a very deep subject, I was thinking about the human heart and how much it can hold. How much joy, sadness, pain, sorrow, disappointment, compassion etc. Over the years I have noticed that my heart seems to get mushier, more sensitive to the needs around me and around the world. Even thinking about not being here to feed the kitties makes me a bit sad, but I feel we are giving them a good start to be strong in body, to be able to fend for themselves. Another young girl has taken her life, according to the news. Another tragic situation brought on by bullying. I don’t like the term “hate” but it is appropriate for me to say that I hate bullying. Yesterday I took some time to play with our tv remote control which I don’t do often, and came across a show that has people purchasing clothing for someone who has a special occasion coming up and I guess they need help in the matter. Well, the truth may be that they don’t really, but it makes for a new show on television. It was disturbing to watch how spoiled the participants acted and it made me think about how so over the top and over indulgent we have become in many ways. Greed and entitilement… I won’t elaborate, as I realize that these are my thoughts and opinions. Each day represents an opportunity to examine my heart and see what needs to stay, what needs to go and what needs repair or adjustment. What can I do differently, how can I make a difference in some way. I don’t always respond in the way I should, I often lose my direction. For me October represents a beautiful season of change and a time to reflect on what has become stale in my life and needs change. To be a positive influence in some manner is my goal and maybe for a time, just to feed the kitties.



In just a matter of days I will walk through the library doors as an employee for the last time. For the past week I have been reflecting on this and I am at peace with this decision. I look forward to change, new adventures and the freedom it will offer me to explore other options. I may even take up reading books..


City Hall Reflection

I was thrilled to have captured this. I have zero experience living in a city so this was a treat for me. The day was beautiful and being that it was Sunday afternoon there were very few people at this location in Los Angeles. I love the reflection.. But, I am very happy for all I get to experience and for all wonderful people I get to meet. Please meet Margaret, a new friend at WordPress. Have you ever met someone new but felt that you have known them for a long time? That is exactly how she has made me feel. Stop by and visit her. Her watercolor paintings are exquisite and her writing is what I hope to accomplish someday.