Mosaic Monday ~ And More Sea Lions pt 2

I thought I’d finish up on our adventures viewing the Sea Lions  in Astoria. I used a couple of different photo editing techniques. Like I said previously Astoria is colorful! I like the bright houses and buildings. While we were there we came across a hostel that we would like to stay at sometime. I have only had one other experience at a hostel and it was in Seattle. My husband went into this  hostel while I stayed outside and he was impressed with how it looked. I am linking with Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday..

I am not naturally drawn to boats (as in being out in the middle of the sea).. but from taking photos of them I see that  they definitely have character and beauty and are amazing for their capabilities. A sailor, I am not! Land ho~


Astoria Sea-Lions part 1

Astoria is a colorful community that offers plenty of old houses and buildings to photograph. While filling our car up with gas my husband heard what at the time sounded like dogs barking. He asked the attendant what it was and found out that it was  Sea-Lions at a nearby marina.  No not a baseball team! Lol!  We decided to investigate.

We got the impression that they monitor them as there was what  appeared to look like a patrol boat and the driver was chasing some off the dock. I really like the textures and colors that the boats offer. I have more to share but will have to do so with  a part 2..