Got Heart


I have previously posted this photo before. Right now I don’t have anything original or cute. Many have most likely heard about the incident in Southern, California. We moved from San Bernardino, County, almost two years ago. I have been doing a lot of thinking.. about how the lives of so many have been turned upside down. Yes, lives are lost everyday, in so many ways, that are horrific. But, when it is close to home, somewhat close to the community that I grew up in, it just, kind of shakes you up. For the longest time, I have been one that learned, that where we put our attention, where we spend our time, it will have an affect on me and you. If you look for beauty, you will find it, you will see it, or it will find you. If you spend time in places of darkness, physically, mentally and emotionally, it will affect you, me, and the whole world. So these days, I am careful about what gets my attention, not because I am so… anything other, than being one that needs help from the Creator of the universe, from God almighty, who extends mercy and grace to all that call upon His name. When, I am weak, He is strong. When I am sad, He comforts my heart. When I don’t understand, He reassures me that He has it all under control and I need to only trust…

your heart pumps

it works it’s way through

to give you life

but what do you do?

where is your treasure

is it for good?

extending love and kindness

just as all should…

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also..

Matthew 6:21





Today I was up early, eager like a child to look out our front door to see what transpired over night. Winter Wonderland greeted me at the doorstep. My thoughts were all is right with the world as I basked in the beauty of the snow. I decided again to go on another adventure.

As I walked I felt very safe and secure. In my thoughts I viewed the new fallen snow as a blanket of protection covering the earth. A time to rest and reflect. Little did I know that across the states innocent lives were lost and families lives were forever changed. More turmoil and tragedy. I had been walking with gratitude in my heart to be able to experience the joy of nature.  Today life was robbed from many. The story begins to unfold a bit..A troubled young man… There are many…. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how there can be so much beauty in our world in one place, and there be so much darkness in another. It all begins in one’s heart… So as a man thinketh, so is he… May God comfort the hearts, today.