I Can Breath Easy Now

For a week I was not getting notified about new posts, from you my friends in my email inbox. I felt deserted and life was suddenly without color. I wondered if I perhaps had said something to cause the reason for no posts or comments…Hmmm! I scrutinized my blog thinking I had fiddled too much, as I often do, making changes and dismantled something. I was really perplexed… ):


And then…a light bulb went on I decided to take a look at my spam…

And made a wonderful discovery…

Color is back in my life and in my face… I can breathe easy and catch up with my reading. As much as I appreciate the reader it is much easier for me to keep up with reading by email. I still don’t know what changed, but I will know where to look next time. I hope you have been able to enjoy beauty in your day. (: