summer word photos a-z

Whine and Cheese

This post for the letter C will take a little twist. I have noticed that  of late  I have been grumbling about the  challenges I have been facing. As much as I have tried to release the bottled up stuff, I still hear myself dwelling on  what I am experiencing. I really wish to be done with it, the whining that is. This morning I read out of a devotional called “Streams in the Desert” I so appreciate the daily readings. It sure put me in the right perspective today. I have  been over doing it on the “whine”…Non of us are exempt from challenges. They come in all degrees. Some look like mountains and some may be a mole hill that we have blown out of proportion.  I read today that it is the iron, the trials that build character. I know that, but sometimes throughout an experience I tend to forget. So, I will drop the whine and continue with life’s lesson and move on with thanksgiving and a better attitude.  I will proceed with sharing our summer adventure..

A CAT reminder to us that we had three at home missing us and more so my husband..

We discovered this Cheese Factory in the town of Loleta, CA. When my husband saw a billboard for he it, he made a quick exit! I love to see small business’s that are doing well despite the economy. My husband was in Cheese Heaven as he sampled to his hearts content  while  I was in another area that captured my attention.  I never got around to the samples. The employees were extremely courteous and the owner took time to chat with my husband and share the history about the family owned business. Next time I will be sure to sample the cheese..

I did not sample any Chocolate candy but the shops got  my attention..As it is I came home a few pounds heavier..but I did sample a few of these

As you can see I really like taking photos of old Church’s

Mmm! This was good and eaten at Unger’s in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

A crab-man we met in Bandon, Oregon .  When he was a young boy he lost portions of his fingers due to blasting caps he found along the train tracks. Ok! This concludes C for now . I am sure I have left out a few C related photos..