Having lived in our location for almost two years I have grown to appreciate the unique style of houses. They all have their individual look and it’s fun to pay attention to those that stand out in their uniqueness. Just like people..We all have different talents, abilities and features. Some of us lack in stature…me…but I have a big heart.. (:   Some houses are big and roomy, some are small and compact…me again, and then some houses are warm and inviting. I tend to look for charm and on the vintage side. But, to have a roof over our head is a blessing.We make it homey by adding our own special touch…no matter what it is made of. Once upon a time we lived in a tent for a few months. We were fine with it, until the squirrels decided that we were very nice people. They thought, we wouldn’t mind if they invited themselves in, while we were away one afternoon. We are again looking to relocate, and so the quest begins again. Cabin or cottage charmer, we are looking..





My husband discovered this dead moth in our driveway and placed it on a piece of petrified wood to let me examine the fine detail on it.

I would say that a pretty amazing artist came up with this… Have you noticed lately the detail in your life? Or how about your face? Each of us has our very own special look. We are not cookie cutter human’s that come out of a factory. Examine your hands for a moment… What do you see? I am thinking of the many things they do each day. Consider your eyes and what color they are… What do your ears hear throughout your day? Where do your thoughts take you? For some of us they take us to soothing places in our minds of relaxation or on vacation. You  are pretty amazing with God-given talents and abilities. Just look at the detail..