I’ll Take Mine Blue

I am smitten by the color blue. Many of you, my friends, may have figured that out. I am sharing some Blue images that I have been hoarding. I guess I have turned into a Blue Image Hoarder. Saving them all for myself. But, I will loosen my grip and let you enjoy them too. Of course I say all of this in fun…Today the sun is out. We have had a few days of chill in the air. Being new to this area it is time to think about purchasing fleece and thermal underwear… Wherever your weekend takes you, may it be one of beauty and rest…

Looking at the Vintage curtain made me think about this little apron I saw at a fabric store. Cute! While I am on the subject of fabric here is a link to a website that is very sweet..


Friday Folklore

Here is another sneak peek of a vehicle that has some history to it according to the owner. We were told that Al Capone rode in it. From what our source told us it did sound very convincing..The gentleman hopes to restore it.

It’s a beautiful day and perfect for a road trip..