Fiddle Around

We have spent a lot of time at the Veteran’s hospital this week. It has caught up with me and I noticed that I was feeling a bit edgey yesterday. My husband will need surgery on his foot on Tuesday. He already has had a knee replacement in the same leg. He is very stoic and never complains despite the pain he is in most days. While in the area of the VA hospital we squeezed in time to drop off a violin that we had purchased on one of our trips north a few years ago. We think we picked it up in Washington. Mr. G. has a very good friend that has lived next door to a violin maker/repairer for years. When I was young I loved the violin and would daydream about lessons. It never came to be but I never lost my interest in music. I had a teacher that introduced our class to classical music in elementary school. I loved listening to the Moonlight Sonata, Nutcracker Suite, Grand Canyon Suite, and much more. I also developed an interest in Bluegrass music as well.

Mr. Rees with my violin. He, I must say is fit as a fiddle for a 92 year older man who continues to hike when he can.

His workshop

One of his projects


Mr. Rees said he had never seen an attachment like this before. He gave us a little tour of his home and we met his lovely wife. Each of their family members are musicians and besides his talent in the field of making violins, he is also a gifted artist. Meeting him gives me continued hope as a very late bloomer that I still have time to fiddle around..