water reflection

Far and Away

We did some exploring this afternoon to a location that we have been to before. We were not prepared for the heat, the bugs and had to watch out for snakes. Well, I was thinking snakes and not sure that my husband was. There was a lot of Nettle and the Blackberry bushes kept us from getting too close to the creek at certain places. 

I added my touch to this image. As I look at it, it  seems to take me to a far away place as I get lost in the color.

Don’t Blink! I saw a pretty butterfly flitting by me. I haven’t learned what the secret is to capture them. I’ll keep trying…


Yesterday there was a volunteer clean-up day in our community. We met at what is called the lodge, we signed in and they gave us each two small plastic bags and our choice of where we wanted to go. Afterwards we were given a free lunch. We chose the public picnic area which is closed for renovations. Our bags were a little flimsy for what debris we found and had to double bag. Anyway it was a worthwhile time, the lunch was very good and gave us the opportunity to meet some of our neighbors..