Weekly Photo Challenge: all time favorites

This is my last photo for the Daily Post weekly challenge. Good things do come to an end and stop, but the Daily Post will continue with their other creative endeavors. I have enjoyed participating when I could, and will miss this challenge. This week is supposed to be about all time favorites. I have several but I will contribute this simple photo of a favorite back road we travel on, to get to towns like Stayton, Silverton or Salem. Thank you, to those that kept the Weekly Challenge going, week after week.

Weekly Photo Challenge:twisted


The photo challenge is Twisted at the Daily Post. Sometimes the weekly challenge can end up being like a scavenger hunt. I either hunt through my files or I look around our yard. This is what I found. It pays to have a little junk stowed away in the nooks and crannies of ones property.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations

The theme at the Daily Post is Variations on a theme. It has been raining a lot so it has kept us indoors. At this time of year, many are looking for color, especially for those of you that have had endless days of snowfall. I am in no hurry for the days to hurry up as they fly by fast enough, but I can understand how we do get a little antsy for change. So for today, I offer you some variation in color…