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Weekly Photo Challenge: favorites

December 27, 2017


Puddle boy 1


Puddle boy 2

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for last week was Favorite. I chose these two because little boys just naturally gravitate to puddles, and I think they are both sweet, and meaningful.

Wordless Wednesday

December 20, 2017


Sunday Soul Search

December 17, 2017


Its that time of year again (no not Christmas)

December 16, 2017

Good morning! I am sharing this sweet heartwarming story. Perfect for this season…

The woman on the Yellow Bicycle

Once again it’s time for my scans, bloods and mole check.

And once again they are clear.

I go down to the sea and shout a thanks to the sea birds, seals, dolphins and whoever wishes to listen and rejoice with me.

You are probably wondering why I want to keep reminding myself of my illness, after all it is eight years ago since my diagnosis and probably high time to put it behind me.

But having to face these scans every year won’t allow me to forget and anyway sometimes it’s good to feel that panic and fear again followed by the relief.

It reminds me of those promises I made to myself if I survived……

To stay healthy,

To lose weight,

To not stress so much.

And to dare!

”Two pots of homemade jam.

a cup of tea and a hug”

Maybe he said a cup of…

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Sunday Soul Search

December 10, 2017


Sunday Soul Search

December 3, 2017


Wrapping Up November

November 30, 2017



for beauty

that graces our eyes

and gentle reminders

of God’s goodness

and that there is HOPE for all of mankind..