Sunday Soul Search


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I Fall for You


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2017-09-21 001

autumn rain

clears the air

revives the earth

from summer’s heat

hues of gold, yellow and brown

leaves that fall

and dance around

crispy apples, take a bite

sounds crunchy

like leaves under your feet..

bring out the sweaters

that wrap your arms

nice and cozy..

a cup of coffee or some tea

don’t forget about hot cider, and

of course a sweet spicy treat..

an autumn girl I am..

                                                                                                 r gould

Prayer for the Children


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My thoughts and prayers for all children of Mexico, family members, and also those that have been affected by the harshness of the hurricanes.

And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us..

                                                                       1 John 5:14


Daily Post: Flavorful


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a simple salad

introduced to us

a few years ago

from my daughter-in-law

from washington

our world changed

and now

a summer favorite

 we can’t seem to get enough

of this couscous

tomatoes and cucumbers


from the garden

add cilantro and onion

or whatever you want

fresh squeezed lime juice

makes my mouth water

as I type

so flavorful..


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Friends in High Places


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in the simple life I live, some days that is

i explore and look around

last week they caught my eye

and this is what i found..

small enough

to nestle in a flower

and sit contently for hours

maybe it was peering eyes of the intruder

that gave reason for hesitation

to leave it’s place of safety

on the high place

of a hollyhock plant…

r gould