photo art friday

Flower Abstract

Collages65-012It’s a very bright day today, in my life! It’s Photo Art Friday..I look forward to this meme each month. It’s fun to cut-loose with photo art and just see how far-out I will go.  There are many wonderful textures to choose from Bonnie’s selection. The theme for March is ABSTRACT: Flower. If you are stuck in the doldrums of winter, stop by for a visit, you will experience an instant boost.

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

Friday has rolled around pretty quickly. The prompt for the challenge at Pixel Dust is Graffiti…I had fun with this and should call what I came up with Far Out Friday..I made a mosaic out of a few images at Picasa.224

Then I added this photo..

of which I had already applied the texture Creative Canvas, that has become one of my favorites. I superimposed the images and then went on to Pixlr where I completed my fun with the following. I don’t have any favorites here. It was all about experimenting and exploring. I do believe that some of those that graffiti are artistic, but there is a time and place to share what they do. I added my own thoughts to these.

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

The prompt for this Friday was to create an abstract. I must admit that I was really challenged this time around. I am feeling rather limited with what I use for processing and am thinking that in time I would like to invest in some other form of software, but until then…these are my contributions for today at Pixel Dust Photo Art

This was my first attempt. I don’t recall which one of Bonnie’s textures I used. I mainly used the pixelate process for my images.

This scrawny cat showed up at our home one year just before we were to go on vacation. We already were at our max of four and knew we couldn’t just introduce her to them and think that all would be well. We were fortunate to find someone to take care of her. She was very thin and skittish. I named her Amelia.


For this image I used


pdpa Afternoon Walk texture

pdpa-afternoon walk

And this lovely texture which I thought really enhanced the image nicely. I again used the pixelate process and worked with the color. It turned out that Amelia stayed in the home with the people who cared for her. She filled out and turned out to be a beautiful, content cat.