photo art friday

February Photo Art Friday

It has been quite a while since I have let my creative flair go for Photo Art Friday. With our recent move out-of-state, I had to curtail my time online. I am back and raring to go… The challenge for this month of February is GRAPHIC/GEOMETRIC/ANGULAR. I worked with a few different photos and could not narrow my choice down to one. So I am going with these for today. In all of them I use my image and then pick a texture from the many choices at Pixel Dust Photo Art.



Downloads119-003As I look out my window, the snowflakes gently fall and it looks like a great day to stay put and let creativity flow…


Father of the Bride

We have had a full and overflowing kind of weekend. All five of my senses got to really kick in to taste, see, hear, feel and touch in a different manner. We are not one’s to venture too far or too often from home. Having four cats, does not make it easy for us to be away for lengthy periods of time. The wedding that I have  been talking about for several months took place on Saturday. Our experience of staying in a beach community was delightful. We were just minutes away from the beach and there were all kinds of specialty food choices. If it had not been for my walking I surely could have come home pounds heavier. I don’t know how Anthony Bourdain manages to keep his weight down, but, I most certainly would have major issues with the scale if I traveled the world sampling food. Today, I have been basking in a state of images in my mind. Maybe kind of looking like this Sea Lion as it chills and perhaps is mulling over the days events.


All the images, as I see them, are as a patchwork quilt. Different colors from the sunsets, the blue of the ocean, the tan of the sandy beach, the vast colors of life. My husband’s little girl, in his eyes, only, became a Mrs., and her dream wedding was picture perfect and just as she had planned and hoped for.                                                                                    DSC_0569

Pretty bride Lesley with her father




A very happy Mr and Mrs..






do we leave


nothing is hidden

when we’ve been unkind

we all leave our mark

from words unsaid

or maybe too many

and in that case we may dread

damage control

is often hard

and to admit


it’s heart

that matters

not the money

and prestige…

what impressions will you leave?