thank you

disorderly conduct


welcome readers

i see that you are new

to follow this scattered brained woman  hen

and I want to thank you..

i often feel like such a mess

because I no longer

can keep up, with the rest..

but i plug along

in my unhurried state  of mind

knowing  you will understand

that, I am one of a kind..

                                        mother hen



After visiting the blog, Alice and Molly, I was inspired to tackle a small creative project. I am one to buy fabric and have good intentions, but I lose my enthusiasm easily. This seemed to be simple enough and I had fabric that I thought would work well together. Here is my completed pennant banner.


I think that the bobbin on my sewing machine is not threaded right and it was affecting my sewing, so I went with sewing by hand. I know what I would do differently next time.


While working on this I kept whistling the song, His Banner Over Me.. I bet you didn’t know that I like to whistle..Lol!

DSCN8815She is a sweety!

Thank you Grace for the inspiration!


Blue Smiles Today


Stephanie over at Life With a Yellow Bike inspired me to put air in Blue’s tires and go for a ride. The sun was out all day. The sky held a few wispy clouds and there was a slight breeze. Yellow bike has had a lot of adventures and Stephanie offers plenty of good reading about their outings. I highly recommend a visit, when you have some time. It has been brought to my attention that there are people here at WordPress that have needs. I won’t be specific but there are hurting hearts, there is illness and then there are needs that animals have too.. Sometimes I wonder how different our world would be if people truly looked out for one another.. May the  season of winter not be a forecast of what is in your heart, may there be plenty of sunshine and laughter to get you through to spring.



No Laughing Matter


This morning I am trying to keep up with Rumpy Dog and maintain a sense of humor. If you need to laugh, you can check it out here. Winter is taking a toll on many and it is no laughing matter. At times like these we are looking for any sign of spring.. I am not a proper poet and I do know it but I hope you can find some sunshine or a chuckle, in these words..

battered and bruised

i’m no longer amused

while hearing the news

of what winter has done..

can we please see the sun?

i make this plea

between you and me

that i will surely faint

or resort

 to a can of spray-paint

and i’ll color the snow

so that it will glow..

bright green


Exchanging Roots for Wings

The term roots for wings is not something I came up with but got from a blog I discovered yesterday. It just so happens to fit the events that are occurring in our lives.

IMG_4760to find out more on this check out Ramble Ann’s World

To read up on a delightful woman I have come to know, who is rooted beautifully in her home but also has wings that carry her from one inspired creation to another. Visit Margaret here.

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

Collage was the prompt for the week at Pixel Dust Photo Art. My ideas did not kick into gear for several days. I had to think of what I had in my files that would work. Besides old brick buildings, vintage items, people and flowers, doors,are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. This is not the first time I have posted pics of them but the one with the quote is what I worked on yesterday. Doors represent new beginnings or closure. We go through many in life and we never know what we will find on the other side and sometimes we need to hightail it out of there for the benefit of our safety…


And Best Dressed Goes To


Iris for her choice of stunning Spring attire…

As I drove down the main boulevard in the city of Yucaipa, where we used to live, this beauty caught my eye.

I did some quick thinking and decided I needed to stop and take some photos of these Iris’s. Yucaipa is about twelve miles away from us and at the elevation of 2,600 feet it is already flaunting the bright colors of spring. We are at a 5,700 foot elevation so we are having to wait until it warms up.


Shake off the doldrums and enjoy…and by the way, I think she deserves a standing ovation..