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They Deserve Gold Medals

What do we do now?
I miss her..

These are the other girls. Riley and Lizzy. They have been low key today. I do wonder what they are thinking. Lizzy is Ally’s sister and Riley was abandoned as a little ball of fluff. Her sibling had been run over. The kind thoughts in response to what I posted yesterday, are much appreciated. Thank you! WordPress has some pretty great people, not only talented, but with heart. As I pondered today, my thoughts led me to an incredible couple, I have come to know through blogging. I have read story after story of prairie life. For them prairie living over the years has involved, caring for many cats. Many of them have been homeless and unfortunately some left on purpose, to leave the responsibility to someone else. These compassionate, good hearted and hardworking couple deserve an award for their goodness. Gold medals would be great, but the truth is that they have hearts of gold. Please visit Arlene Martin. Surprise her, and tell her how much a certain blogger, was bragging about her, and her hubby too.

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Just Looking

For my trip to Southern California recently, I had planned to take the train once again, as I have done previously. I arranged to get off in San Luis Obispo. It breaks up my trip and gives me the opportunity to check out the town. When blogger shoreacres at The Task at Hand wrote a post about train’s I was quick to check it out. I commented and told her that I would be taking the train and getting off in San Luis Obispo. Linda, responded to me, and asked if I had read her most recent post at that time. I hadn’t and made a point to do so. She had written about an artist named Gary Myers, who had his artwork displayed at a gallery downtown San Luis Obispo. I thought that was quite a coincidence since I was going to be in the area. The gallery is called Just Looking Gallery. I quickly looked it up to inquire about the hours. I was thrilled to find out, that they had extended hours, for that particular day.

I was determined to get there before they closed. I like the charm of San Luis Obispo. It just so happened that it was their Farmer’s Market night. I was able to view the work of Gary Myers. I like his style. Unfortunately they were in the process of moving artwork around so his work wasn’t displayed on the walls but I did take pictures of what I saw.

Thank you Linda for the inspiration to get myself to the art gallery. I had a great time, Just Looking. If you are not familiar with The Task at Hand, I highly suggest that you check it out. Linda Leinen excels in her ability to write, research and share history.

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3 Day Quote Challenge: day two


Several days ago, I reflected on certain people that came into my life for a short duration. As I look back they appeared in my eyes to have been mature individuals of good character, integrity and displayed kindness. I see them now as quiet and gentle messengers from God. At the time, I didn’t  grasp the understanding of who these people were and why I was meant to meet them in my lifetime. Now, that I am older I have an appreciation for those that I was gifted to have met. As I searched for a quote today, I thought this was fitting for what I had been pondering on lately.

On day two of this three day challenge, I would like to nominate Rachel from rachelmankowitz: the cricket files to share a quote. Rachel has an ability to make me laugh with her wit and sense of humor. She has a love for furry friends and a desire to help humanity, in a field that takes very special people, to work in that capacity. I am extremely sensitive to those that live very busy and full lives. There is absolutely no pressure to do this.  Rachel is gifted as a writer, and another writer that I can visualize her work in print. I have modified this challenge, but the following are the real rules for this..

The rules for the 3 Day Quote Challenge are

  1. To thank the person that nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days. (one quote for each day)
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers every day

Lost Momentum

Before I continue, I wish to thank a sweet lady, over at Mama’s Empty Nest for an award that she gave to me. It was quite a nice and welcome surprise when I saw this. We are kindred sister’s in our faith and like Mama, we are empty nester’s as well. It was a boost I needed and brought encouragement my way. Thank you! xx


And an explanation…

It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. Our slow computer contributed to this. I find it to be a challenge to do anything online at times. Our internet service it not the greatest, but it is affordable. On top of this, in the month of April, I lost the wind in my sails, after reading something online that disturbed me. During this time I wanted to respond, but after considering it, I decided to let it go. I believe it was written with good intentions, but I found it to be written, in what felt like, a sense of superiority… I allowed it to knock out all interest in posting or writing anything. As I reflect, I realize it was just a teachable moment and a time for me to examine my heart and take a look at what was going on.. Being the imperfect people, that we are, there are always ongoing lessons to be learned, in the school of life on earth. So onto the new. There have been blessings in our lives with new birth and birthdays. We now have four grandchildren, having  birthdays in the month of May. Unfortunately we are not at a place (location) where we can easily join in on the celebrations. After much contemplation we are considering what we can do to change our situation. We have put a lot of love into our home, but this is not the first time we have beautified and then moved on.. I still may be making some other changes and that may include wordpress too, but until then, I  want to say Hello, to all of you beautiful people…





Pat’s Next Big Step

Good news.. Please continue in prayer for Pat..Thanks so much.

Bailey Road

Pat was transferred yesterday (22 Oct 2015) to a Rehab/Nursing Facility where they have already started on a program to build up her strength with coming home as the goal. She was in the hospital 42 days.

Pat still has some medical issues that need to be addressed, but she needs to get stronger to be able to take care of those.

Hopefully within the next few weeks, Pat will be back on this blog. We’re all working hard to bring her home.

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes.  Pat still needs them.


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So Sweet of You


I want to say hello and thank you to new readers here at Words Like Honey. I appreciate that you take time to stop, visit and like what I share…I continue to strive for balance in my day, so I have tried to cut back a bit on my time spent at WordPress. I am not sure that it is! I so enjoy the community of artists, photographers and writers that I have come to know. We recently visited, what has become one of our favorite places to have lunch. I can actually say that on that day, I did not indulge on any of their delicious sweet treats. I will make up for it perhaps in October or November.. (:

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Speaking of Cats

Here’s our cutie pie, Riley, when we lived in California. My husband found her outside my daughter’s home one morning. I have most likely posted this at another time. I want to introduce a beautiful woman, that is a blogger, and  has a heart as big as the world for cats and people. Meet Arlene, aka Ethel Farmer. What I share is not current but will give you an idea of what she and her heart are all about.. Thank you Arlene for all you do! I know that you have gone over and beyond in your efforts to care for all the kittens and cats that have set foot in your part of the world.


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Daily Prompt: Landscape

Today I am joining in on the daily post here at WordPress. The prompt is Landscape. When you gaze out your window—real or figurative–do you see the forest first, or the trees?

Having moved to the mountains just over a year ago, when I wake up I see the trees.IMG_3356-001We are surrounded by massively tall Cedar and Pine trees.

IMG_3359We have one that is about five foot in diameter that stands next to our bathroom window.

Figuratively as I look at the massive, old trees that still stand despite battle scars of storms, lightening and floods, they represent to me people. I see adults and the seedlings are the children. They remind me of human growth. It takes time to grow. It takes time to develop and overcome adversity and challenges that we face in life. The trees will bend when the winds come and some may snap under the pressure but many are capable of persevering through it all. As we have seen over the years of history how people have overcome obstacles and lived to tell their story and as the branches reach out to shelter other plant life and animals so can we reach out to encourage, protect and share the hope for a better tomorrow. We can learn a lot from nature.


Sugar and Spice


I have been nominated for the  Super Sweet Blogger Award today. How very sweet and thoughtful of Easter Ellen, a new acquaintance here at WordPress. We are kindred spirits in many ways. At Overcoming to Becoming, Easters, posts, poetry and photography reveal her heart. She pours it all out and I know that lives are touched and hope is planted in the hearts of those reading about triumph through very difficult times. Thank you new friend! (: 

As a recipient of this award I am to answer five Super Sweet questions..

1.Cookies or cake?  I love chocolate chip cookies with walnuts..

2. Chocolate or vanilla? I am a chocoholic from way back…

3. Favorite treat? Pumpkin pie during the holidays…

4. When do you crave sweet things? Most likely during a mid afternoon slump… (:

5. Sweet nick name? That would have to be Bertie, as I was sometimes called by my mother…

The next step is to acknowledge ten bloggers of whom have spread a little sugar and spice into my life. There are a few of you that go back with me when I started blogging. You have stayed with me throughout my ups and downs and my many changes. I prefer to thank each and every one of you that have become a part of my journey. From you, I have been inspired and learned and have had the privilege of reading awesome blogs, view incredible photography, and meet amazing artists. Each of us, in our own way, adds to the color and beauty of life on earth. Thank you! (: