So Long November

so long november

where did you go?

i guess you were in the fast lane

and I was in the slow

distracted was i

but ever true were you

to grace us the dance of leaves

from earth’s many, beautiful trees..

                                             r g

Friday Photo Challenges

DSC_0349-001All is Calm and Bright

Today I am linking to 3 photo challenges

  1. Weekly Photo Challenge:treat
  2. Festival of Leaves 2015: week 9
  3. Pictorial Friday

Liking  up to three challenges at once is not something I’ve done before. There is always a first time. Treat is the challenge for the Daily Post. Observing Autumn color like I am, is very much a treat and a blessing. I am a former California woman, and Palm trees just didn’t offer vibrant colors, like the Oak and Maple trees. I look forward to participating at Festival of Leaves. It is kind of like a treasure hunt each week. My kind of simple fun… I am rather new to Pictorial Friday. Peabea is such a gracious hostess and it’s nice to visit her sweet blog and observe her creative touches to her photographs.