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3 Day Quote Challenge: day One


Mama, at Mama’s Empty Nest has nominated me, to share 3 quotes for 3 days . With the continued rain and cold weather, I feel as though I have been hibernating and waiting for warm weather to show up. So, I will get out from under my comforter and participate in this challenge. Mama, writes sweet endearing short stories of faith and family.  They make me think they should be in the Guideposts magazines, that I used to read, in years past.She also shares her love for photography and includes quotes for all to ponder on. Thank you Mama, for nominating me.

The rules for this Challenge are..

1.Thank the person that nominated you

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days (one quote for each day)

3. Nominate 3 bloggers every day (I am choosing to modify this to one blogger per day)

My nominee, for this day one challenge, is Natalie at Sacred Touches. Natalie faithfully shares from her beautiful blog, her love for gardening, photography, as well as quotes. Please know that there is no pressure to participate or not.



Small Town Christmas Flavor

At the time of our arrival in Sweet Home, I had noticed a few of these. I will call them, oversized greeting cards. I thought they were sweet, but I was not aware, that there were many, more, throughout the community. A few days ago, I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce. They are selling handmade items, and I was given a bit more information about them. I think I overheard that there are over ninety of these painted cards/signs. No matter the amount, they are all impressive, but, I will have to get my information correct. Last night we drove around and of course I took pictures of them. They are all painted by local artists. My interest in art has increased, since I have come to know some of the ladies, from our local senior center painting group.  I will begin to share, some, of what I am seeing. This adventure began a few days ago.. in the rain..









Getting to Know You

I have never been one to just jump in to get involved in community activities or functions easily.  By nature I am on the quiet side but can get quite chatty, usually one on one, when the opportunity arises. I took the plunge recently and decided to join our local Senior center painting class. The sweet lady that talked me into it, had such enthusiasm for the class, that I found it rather convincing, as she shared the details. Yesterday, was the last day of instruction from the teacher, whom they all had gotten to know from previous classes. I came in at the tail end of the class, but was able to participate and learn a few techniques from Jennifer. The following are pictures of what we all had accomplished as of yesterday.




DSCN1579All of the ladies use acrylic and I was the only one using watercolor. Yes, my humble attempt is pictured here. I have very little experience with painting but am at a place in life where all of a sudden I want to learn a lot of things.. Better Late Than Never…Besides the company is delightful and just makes me want to keep going back.. Thank God for new beginnings..

thank you

So Sweet of You


I want to say hello and thank you to new readers here at Words Like Honey. I appreciate that you take time to stop, visit and like what I share…I continue to strive for balance in my day, so I have tried to cut back a bit on my time spent at WordPress. I am not sure that it is working..lol! I so enjoy the community of artists, photographers and writers that I have come to know. We recently visited, what has become one of our favorite places to have lunch. I can actually say that on that day, I did not indulge on any of their delicious sweet treats. I will make up for it perhaps in October or November.. (:


Liking Brownsville

Yesterday we ventured out to the community of Brownsville, Or. I have posted on it once before, but now we are getting a bit more acquainted with it. I am liking it more each time we visit as it just has that special old-timey  feel to it. There was a plant sale going on and they will begin their Farmer’s Market this month. Brownsville got some popularity from the movie Stand By Me, because it was filmed there.Besides the plant sale there was a community event called Carriage Me Back to 1900. From what I heard it was a joint effort of community individuals dressed in period clothing and carriage rides were offered to the public. We did not know that it was taking place until we got to Brownsville and saw people dressed up. I was able to capture some of it.I love observing a community that pulls together to provide wholesome activities for families and all people in general. The following are photos that I took while we were on our way out-of-town. I was in the passenger seat and so it was impromptu, but I was thrilled to be able to take in what I did with my camera.

2014-05-03 0016

The timing was perfect for me as we drove by and this dancer came out in character to do her part for her audience, as they rode by in the carriage. Rough photography but I think captured the essence of the moment.

2014-05-03 0015