It’s a Bees Life


After several months of going back and forth to Portland, we have been content to stay at home. We tend to our small garden and I have really enjoyed getting to eat a cucumber everyday.

DSCN9356 Our bees are doing well and their activity keeps us entertained. We have been watching Little League finals in Williamsport, PA. The Mother Hen in me watches every little facial expression of joy, sadness, and the tears of disappointment. It pulls at my heartstrings as I observe them.  I hope that they are never told, that boys or men are not supposed to cry.  I cheer them on, in the sidelines of our living room. The team from Lewisberg, PA is quite impressive, as well as others, but I give them all a high-five for putting their hearts into what they have a passion for.


Fruit of Our Labor

Some days I don’t get beyond our backyard. It has become a little haven of peace,  where I have been pouring my energy into. After the tragedy of Nepal and the loss of life I am thinking about what conveniences I could live without. My heart and prayers go out to all, that they will find peace and comfort in the midst of turmoil. That the volunteers stay strong and encouraged. That they be rewarded for the fruit of their labor. In my life the bee’s are buzzing, the sun shines, and the sky is blue. My little concerns are diminished to nothingness and I am content to just be in the present.


He gives beauty for ashes..


Inner Grumbling

Earlier this morning, I began to tidy up our home, knowing that, we were going to have a visitor stop by later in the day. We have four cats and live in a small home and so we have resorted to keeping the cat litter box out in the garage. Therefore a door is left open, so they can get in and out easily. Most days there is cat litter residue, fur, cat kibble to be found on the floor and if they venture outside to the back yard, they will often return with either wet or muddy paws. Yes, they leave small paw prints but with when they dry, there are a lot of little prints to clean up after. They haven’t figured out that they can wipe their little paws on the small rug by the door.  As I tugged on our heavy vacuum cleaner,  I began grumbling within and fretting about the chore ahead of me. The more I grumbled, all of a sudden I heard, “a dirty floor is the least of your problems.” I was gently reminded that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill attitude.

DSCN4597One of our furry friends can do no wrong in my eyes. When I am gloomy in thought she always brightens my day with her sweet personality and cat antics.

DSCN4580Cats do not complain or grumble, just give them something comfy to lay on and they are usually content..

DSCN4579Ally, has claimed this blanket, that was given to my husband at the hospital, as her own. I continue to learn life’s lessons from our furry friends.


1951 Was A Very Good Year

Collages59-003birthday dreams

frozen in time


is but a memory

those days are behind

my journey not over

so much more

to explore

all the avenues

so many doors

to open…

new territory

to roam

more time to delve

to far off places

where words tumble

and toss

like pebbles in a brook

where the sun meets with the clouds

and paintball the sky

and the moon greets the stars

and shine together

like glitter

in the night

and I will take

what comes my way

with gratitude

for each and every day..

                                    Roberta: February 27, 2014