Where I Want to Be

I am thinking about John Denver again. I think it is because of our drive to Portland yesterday.There is a wonderful back road that will get us to Salem, and then from there Portland is not too far away. I love the slower pace of life and I find that when things get to hasty or stressful I lose my balance. I have talked about balance before. For me balance is a combination of my spiritual and emotional status, keeping a healthy perspective and outlook in life. I sometimes fail miserably. Then there is feeding my soul each day with positive food for thought, reading of the word or pondering on good healthy information, words of encouragement etc. How often do you come across someone who offers encouragement? I think people are depleted and need a boost. Are we willing to be that kind of person? When life is harsh and your are down all of the time and life looks bleak, we need a helping hand.

DSC_0018Sometimes we might have expectations that people should just bounce back or get a life. Many have not had good role models in life to set an example on the how too’s of making healthy choices. It is easy to point out the flaws in others. I am talking to myself on this subject. As I review these images, they remind me of where I want to be. There are stop signs, and we need to look both ways. Proceed with caution and go. Don’t speed and respect the laws of the land. Use wisdom and we will have a safer journey, not without bumps in the road but with challenges to help us learn and grow.

DSC_0008Take time to examine your internal conversation and checkout what is causing the lack of peace or stability in your thought life. Say yes to smelling roses or perhaps make a bouquet and give it away. Doing something special for someone  is always a remedy for getting out of a slump.

DSC_0048But most of all take time to be refueled and get refreshed, you will benefit greatly as well as those around you.. It is possible to have joy on the journey.. Enjoy it!