Beside Still Water

Earlier I observed this little bird, land on the birdbath. Bathing didn’t seem to be a priority. It appeared to just want to rest. That is my focus as well, today. On the tenth of this month, it will be seven months that we relocated from a house with a larger front and backyard.  Our goal was to downsize and garden on a smaller scale,and to get closer to the Veterans Hospital in Portland.  As in previous homes we have transformed our smaller backyard and I am so happy that the birds have begun to visit. We must have a sign that says, Birds are Welcome Here..

Mister G, had surgery almost two weeks ago. He will be on antibiotics until the infection in his shoulder clears up and then go back for more surgery. After this there will be no more lifting rocks, digging holes and gardening will be limited. So the cook and sometime dishwasher is down and mother hen is keeping a watchful eye on him, as he has a tendency to want to do too much. So for today, while he catnaps, I will be putting my feet up, on my favorite all purpose coffee table, and enjoy the quiet of my day…

God's Goodness


i shall live

i shall die

i won’t regret

and wonder why

life was hard

with many lessons

i had to learn..

days of rejection

times of tears

lack of courage

as i faced my fears..

but I would not trade

my life for any other

for through it all

i got to know my Father..

not my earthly one

whom i did not get to know

but the creator of earth

to me He did show..

how to be humble

in all of my ways

loving and kind

does He wish to instill

as He continues to shape

my heart and will..

to be a reflection

of who He is

He walks with me daily

and directs my steps

He counsels me in the night

and comforts me too..

peace in His presence

so many good gifts

Thank you Father

for all that you give and do..



Today’s thoughts.. Train rides allow me time to think and see sights that I would not normally view while in a car. The train is not for everyone. Some want to get to their destination quickly. I am in no hurry. Along the way I always meet someone special. Sometimes you hear conversations that you would rather not listen to. I can often pick up on when the train attendants are tired, and like in everyday life, there are those that like to push someone’s buttons. Despite the unpleasantries I take it all in and make use of the time to pray for the strangers on the train..