Are You My Mother

Yesterday evening we had taken our bikes out for a brief ride in our neighborhood. While I waited at a street corner for my husband, I observed these birds, as they congregated on the power lines. It was feeding time. Some of the birdies sat, as others flew back and forth to return with some sort of sustenance for their young one.

I noticed one little lone bird, sitting off by its self, waiting patiently to be fed. This baby bird, trusted, just as I did waiting for my husband, for the return of its mother. Every day we trust that what we need will be provided. We trust that loved ones will be alive, that gas stations will have gas, that grocery stores will have food on their shelves, that banks will still have our money, and that water will run out of the faucet. We are a trusting people. Sometimes our trust can get misconstrued. We may put our trust in fame, fortune, or appearance, but all can be fleeting.

DSCN6943Are you my mother?



Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we will remember the name of our God. (victory rests with our Lord)


Short Notice


cropped-dsc_0954.jpgIn Life we are not given notice of what the next day will bring. Often because of illness we may be informed as to a time frame of what one may have, left to live. Yesterday as I sat and had a cup of tea at my pity party, I could not quite shake what I was wallowing in. Between my sensitive heart and my fragile demeanor at the time, I could not see beyond the scope of my feelings. As I sat, there were many needs that I could have been focusing in on. Tons of situations to be prayerful about. My world has been shaken today. God has His plan and His purpose for each of us, and in our puny (my) minds, we cannot understand nor see the total picture. We are given our lives to live to the fullest and because we are human we have our moments of discouragement, illness, sorrow, pain and so on. Our mental health is really important and I could not live without  spiritual guidance from above. Each day we hear of atrocities and we wonder about the mental health of the one that had access to weapons, it really is perplexing. But, I know what I can do and am capable of. I am given what I need, when I need it. It is up to me to feed on the goodness of the word that brings life and sustenance to my soul. Taking time to stop and be still, and know that He, who formed me in my mother’s womb, is God.





I am feeling a little anxious..Smokey is locked up in our neighbors garage. We called out to the kittens/cats this morning and only one responded. Kind of strange since we had seen them the day before when they came to eat. After calling Smokey’s name several times he made an appearance in the garage window. We had to locate someone with our neighbors phone number, he left last night. So we know where Smokey is and hopefully the other two are with him..


Kid and Cat Tales

What joy it brought me to spend time with these little guys, my grandson’s, even if it was with undivided attention. Lol! I love this photo! It reminds me to my two older son’s who were about the same in years apart.



We have named this kitten, Smokey. He, we think and are not sure yet?? leads the way for the other three. They live under the cover of wood piles and wood decks for shelter. We are feeding them. My heart wonders what to do? Do you leave them to live in the wild and have freedom to roam and explore and just wish them well? I have not seen their mother lately…


Over the Top


This morning, as I sat with my cup of coffee and got quiet, my thoughts went here and there as is the practice of my brain. Always thankful for a new day as I  open up my heart to being at peace with what comes my way. These are the kittens that we have started feeding. Their mother is a feral cat. This one looking at you is the leader of the pack. Not as skittish as the others and usually the first to get over the fence to our yard. I almost thought I could touch him this morning. I wondered how he/she would respond to the human touch … As I sat and pondered on the events of life on earth, a very deep subject, I was thinking about the human heart and how much it can hold. How much joy, sadness, pain, sorrow, disappointment, compassion etc. Over the years I have noticed that my heart seems to get mushier, more sensitive to the needs around me and around the world. Even thinking about not being here to feed the kitties makes me a bit sad, but I feel we are giving them a good start to be strong in body, to be able to fend for themselves. Another young girl has taken her life, according to the news. Another tragic situation brought on by bullying. I don’t like the term “hate” but it is appropriate for me to say that I hate bullying. Yesterday I took some time to play with our tv remote control which I don’t do often, and came across a show that has people purchasing clothing for someone who has a special occasion coming up and I guess they need help in the matter. Well, the truth may be that they don’t really, but it makes for a new show on television. It was disturbing to watch how spoiled the participants acted and it made me think about how so over the top and over indulgent we have become in many ways. Greed and entitilement… I won’t elaborate, as I realize that these are my thoughts and opinions. Each day represents an opportunity to examine my heart and see what needs to stay, what needs to go and what needs repair or adjustment. What can I do differently, how can I make a difference in some way. I don’t always respond in the way I should, I often lose my direction. For me October represents a beautiful season of change and a time to reflect on what has become stale in my life and needs change. To be a positive influence in some manner is my goal and maybe for a time, just to feed the kitties.


Hungry Kittens

pdpa Digital Dust Texture Set32-002hungry kittens

to feed or not

to fend for yourself

is your lot, in life

as you seek on your own

to feed your tummy

do you feel alone?

does it help to know

that there are humans near

that feel your concern

and your fears

if for a short time

we will make it our quest

to provide a meal

and do our best

hopefully it will help

to carry you through

the days of uncertainty

when we are away

hungry kittens

I will think of you..


The Human Heart


We have new kitten neighbors. The mother is a feral cat and this is one of her kittens. I talked to this one over the fence because I wanted it to experience hearing a kind human voice. It sat long enough for me to get my camera. It sat and stared..My heart wants to feed all of them and yet I don’t want to become attached.  We recently have  had one of ours disappear after she got spooked and now her whereabouts are unknown. We still have three. It is survival of the fittest here in the mountains and I struggle with the thought of doing nothing.